Below you can find the projects that we are still working on.



All the successful stories that Deadbeat-scans has managed to finish!

Himizu Himizu
Project_KSKM Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru
Karate Shoukoushi Monogatari

Project_Rookies Rookies



Currently on hiatus! We’d love to finish them, but it’s a matter of time and staff. If you’re interested in helping out, please contact us!

Jacket#31_4C Over Time
Project_Peace_Maker Peace Maker


These didn’t quite make the cut and we have no current interest in returning to these titles.

Project_Billy_Bat Billy Bat
Project_Hanagata Hanagata
Project_Montage Montage

109 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Hello, just wanted to say hi and congratulate you on the good work. I was wondering if I could talk about getting the Capeta RAWs. Unfortunately I don’t know any japanese, so the only thing I can “give” in return is trying to get someone to do it. Thank you in advance, and cheers!

  2. Hi, I’m from Brazil.
    Are using your site as a basis for translation of Shibatora.
    Thank you for translating.
    Release the first volume days 8/6/2009
    Is a join with a Fansub at the same time launch the dorama.
    And they release volume 1 chapter 1 of each month.
    I know it can not start soon because I will not know what to do when we get in 3rd.
    Sorry be inconvenient.
    If you give me a monthly credit to your site in my.
    If we can arrange a conversation on msn I love.

    Sorry again and thanks.

    Princesa Gaara
    Princesa Gaara

  3. Peace Maker is great. I hope will keep releasing the series. I’d hate to see it go unscanlated.

  4. hey man why u dropped capeta

    i’m trying to find it everywhere

    even famous scan groups are ignoring it
    then shouldn’t u stand up and complete it

    make a poll u will know it how much popular its anime is

  5. could it be possible for you guy to start rookies again? L5RG has been inactive for like 10 months the raw’s are just out there but no one is translating

  6. i will be waiting their are also a lot of people waiting to so im going to cross my fingers and wait for a new chapter with deadbeat scans as the provider

  7. I am so glad you guys decided to pick up Peace Maker again! A westerner manga is so rare!
    Thank you for the scanlating it, and please keep going until the end!

  8. Hi Aristotle.
    Yes, we are still doing Hanagata. We even have spiffy new raws for it.
    However, we don’t have a cleaner for the series. So anything that gets done will really be done in my free time (quite lacking at the moment).

    So don’t expect regular updates unless we get a cleaner for the series.

  9. Hi Theodore,
    Sorry but Yugo the Negotiator is dropped. Maybe we’ll come back to it someday, but we don’t have the resources to pick up any more mangas at the moment.

  10. Firstly I’d like to give my thanks for the hard work you guys have put into scanlating the Capeta manga as it’s one of my favorite series. I noticed that the scanlation process has been a little slow, typically between 1-4 months between each chapter. Do you guys happen to be lacking volumes or other materials for this manga? I’d be willing to donate to your cause if it could speed up the process of scanlating it (specifically the chapters after vol 12.4 and on). Again, I appreciate everything you guys do and keep up the awesome work!


  11. awww I really love your projects ❤ I read Shibatora since yeeeears and I want to read more Hanagata because it's really awesome ❤
    (I love groups with such underground mangas *-*!)


  12. Hi Voltaire,
    It’s not volumes we are lacking, just translations. We are currently translating c-e, and there seems to be a lot of issues in the j-c translation. So it’s a big pain.

  13. A two-way translation as in japanese-chinese-english? How many are currently prepped for c-e translation and are the j-c translation issues due to lack of translators?


  14. We have all the Chinese raws we need. J-C issues are due to the poor quality of the translation (done by a Chinese publisher). What Capeta really needs is a dedicated J-E translator so we can avoid double translation altogether, especially since the J-C part of it is substandard.

  15. Will donations help you hire a dedicated J-E translator for Capeta? If so, could you set something like that up so people who desperately want to read this amazing manga can donate? I see that the Manga is currently on volume 25, and I fear it will be over a decade before it is completely scanlated by a group. I would like to help in some way if possible. Thanks for being the only group who is translating this series.

  16. No, this is all volunteer effort. At best we pay for raws and hosting. Only shady for profit sites like mangastream or mangareader hire translators. And this is not supposed to be a for profit activity! If you want to help, join the community as an editor, get to know translators, and try to convince at least one to work on Capeta.

  17. Hi, just want to you to know Rookies owns my life now, so thanks SOO much for translating it. I’m so glad you and Illuminati are collaborating on it! I’ll be waiting!

  18. thanks for all the hard work and sweat you guys put into your scans. Im just a leecher, but i really admire you guys.

  19. Yo, really dig the work you guys do with KSKM.

    The effort n time you put in is much appreciated. Keep up the awesum work.

  20. thanks a lot guys for translating capeta.. eagerly waiting for the further volumes.

    keep up the awsome job. 😀

  21. Shibatora Manga … It’s one of my favorite Manga list now. I really love it.
    After I search for the translators group, I found YA. I will bookmark this website.

    The website is really full of black ! wow ~

  22. Yo! it’s not much, but I too appreciate what you guys are doing… KSKM and Rookies are my fav. manga and I really owe that to you guys… keep up the good work… as I said before, it might not be much, but at least is something.

    Thnx for making us, the otakus, happy every chapter release! ^_^

  23. Hey, thanks a lot for all the translation and scan work with Capeta.
    This manga is awesome!!!

    I am really gratefull.
    wish you all the best!

  24. I like martial arts very much!
    I hope sucess for you of deadbeat-scans
    I enjoy karate mangá nice year for you bye!

  25. Yeah!Great job on the Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru manga i really hope you people keep em coming.So far it’s the best of you projects i’ve seen and it’s the only other good semi-realistic martial arts manga i’ve found besides Ippo.I’m a great fighting enthusiast so it’s the perfect one to kill time with after a workout.Hope you don’t drop it.And thanks for the constant releases

  26. hi there!,

    Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru rules!!, thank you all for your hardwork!!

    Keep going!!


  27. Hallo
    I love KSKM!, your chapter releases is something that I look forward to every week 🙂

  28. I’ve enjoyed reading KSKM greatly, thank you for your excellent work week after week. this is my signature to keep this manga translation going.

  29. Hello, Please keep the Karat Shoukoshi Kohnata Minoru, open, I love the series, its really tells view point of the strongest man in Japan.

  30. KSKM is a nice read, please do continue the hard work!
    and feel free to contact me if u guys need help with chinese translation

  31. Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru is a great manga. Thanks for your efforts and I hope you continue releasing more Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru.

  32. Don’t stop, I love this series! If I could bake you cookies to give you the energy to keep going I would…

  33. I dont want to discourage your hard work, but if you can tell me the ending to this story then please do by email. After ready the shit work of grappler baki. Its been quite hard to get into a fighting series. Btw this story is pretty informative about the different martial arts.

  34. Not big fan of manga but I like reading kskm , so thanks you for ur hardworking and hope it can be continue .

  35. I enjoy reading Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru alot !!!
    My thanks for your efforts and great work !!!

    It would be awesome if you kept going 🙂

  36. don’t drop karate shoukoushi kohinata minaru, its the best manga i’ve read in a long time and i appreciate your efforts in bringing a new chapter

  37. I`m from Brazil and i came to say to not stop KSKM, i really appreciate this manga an deadbeat hard work to translate it. and now, some portuguese words, to encourage future releases


  38. Heya, I’ve been reading KSKM on batoto since the beginning and I always look forward to it as it’s one of my favorite series. I would feel it a real shame if you guys stopped scanlating this project. Please persevere on if you can, and if you need help proofing or anything, let me know!! More than happy to help!

  39. Your work on KSKM has been great! I love how you keep enough japanese terms to have some flavor but you don’t go overboard with it like some groups do. restricting it mainly to the karate stuff and including the glossary of terms, excellent way of doing it

    It’s a great series and yall are doing great in your translation, please don’t quit

  40. Please don’t stop KSKM , it’s one it’s one of my favorites and I appreciate your hard work to bring it to us

  41. KSKM would remain a unknown bliss of awesomeness to me and many other people without you guys epic and highly appreciated efforts, thank you for this!!!

    Ps:any chance you guys would consider Dear Boys part 2? Just putting it out there….. *cough*

  42. Just wanted to say I love Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru and love your work, great quality and you guys are a great team. KEEP GOING! !

  43. Can you please take care of Bambino Secondo? I just loved the first part, and I’m sure many others would like to read the second part. Keep up with the good work on your other series (I love KSKM)

  44. just found out ive read most of the projects you guys have worked on. saw a credits page talking about how people that read your scans dont even touch your site. felt like i should so i did. ill try to support you all more if i can =)

  45. Hey, I’ve finished reading capeta up till volume 16, and it’s starting to get really interesting. I hope that there will be a new update for it soon, and I’m looking forward to reading it 🙂

    Thanks for your hard work!

  46. Hey guys!! First of all thanks for all your effort and hard work! 😀
    I’d like to ask you guys if you plan on working someday on the Oneshot released after the end of the series? Illuminati mentioned something about it on the final joint release last December but I haven’t heard anything on it yet.

    Thanks in advance!

  47. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Please please please please sub KSKM faster~ The series has already ended and we are only halfway through. There is still a sequal! PLEASEE

  49. love Capte, keep up the good work! Been waiting for that manga to start up again. One of my favourite anime/manga

  50. Hi, i just want to thank you guys for all your hard work, i am a big fan of Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru, please don’t drop it.

  51. It’s been a long time since I was checking what’s with translation of KSKM, I went here and I saw this – a ton of new chapters! I was astonished. 😉 So I wanted to say big thanks for your hard working. 😀 Keep it up.

  52. Thank you for scanning and translation. Youve helped motivate me to become again better. Thank you for KSKM!

  53. I read Shibatora right after Debusen as the credits page mentioned it a lot….. I FINISHED SHIBATORA IN TWO DAYS IT IS A GREAT MANGA AND NOW IDK WHAT TO DO W MY LIFE. THANK YOU

  54. You all do great work here and I am especially thankful for KSKM! I just wanted to give kudos to everyone here at Deadbeat-Scans for a job well-done and for sharing the Love/Manga!

  55. Thanks for doing capeta!

    It’s okay if you take a little longer, please just don’t drop it. you guys are the hope of a lot of capeta fans 🙂
    thank youuuu!

  56. Hello,
    First, thanks for your hard work and compliments for the series!!!
    Second a question: Wanitokagegisu has been dropped?

    Again, thanks

  57. Thanks for all your hard work, it’s very appreciated!

    Btw, is there any interest to create an online reader as an alternative to direct downloads?

    If so I’d be willing to help.

    I find extracting it on my phone and viewing with es file explorer isn’t great.

    If there’s a good app you’d recommend for reading please let me know.

    Thanks again for all the hard work.

  58. Just wanna thank you guys for the great work you did on Himizu. I felt compelled to write this because I read all of the last pages you made for each chapter on that manga and I learned quite a few things. Hope you guys have more support this time around.
    Good luck!

  59. hey anyone here happen to know where i can download the raws of capeta? been looking everywhere and cant find anything 😦

  60. Carlos Leon Arevalo,

    If you wanna find more in the future, google X Bakaupdates where X is the manga. Copy the first one under associated names.

    Associated Names:
    Khát vọng đường đua – Capeta

    Go to google and paste it and add .zip to the end.


    You will nearly always find what you want.

    Alternatively, if you just want to stream the manga, you could try senmanga. I did already search there for this, but only the finale was there.

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