About Us

Deadbeat-Scans was started sometime during March of 2008 by Jazzmatazz. At the time, there was a surge in Rookies attention and our group was one of the leaders, bringing out many releases for Rookies at the time. Our first release dates back to the 2nd of April 2008. As we grew, we expanded into some of our other projects such as Shibatora, Peace Maker and Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru. Unfortunately for Rookies, another group started and released faster than us, so we eventually gave that up. Months passed, then years, that group didn’t continue the project, so we stepped in again and we finished it.

Most recently we picked up three series: Montage and another two authored by Furuya Minoru: Himizu and Wanitokagegisu. We have other interesting projects to continue with, and we are dedicated to bringing out quality releases on all of our projects.



Someone2040 Founder, Cleaner, Typesetter, Quality Checker
cmertb JAP->ENG Translator
kyuubi654 Cleaner
t-shirt v3 crazy_horse  Cleaner, Typesetter, Quality Checker
3409 Masa  JAP->ENG Translator, Racing Terminology Adviser
leonearmato  Typesetter
avatar Zao Typesetter
avatar Roundtiger JAP->ENG Translator
avatar Nikki JAP->ENG Translator
avatar laika JAP->ENG Translator
avatar BlackWings Cleaner, Typesetter
 avatar georgi  Proofreader

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