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Capeta v26 c96

Hey all,

In today’s chapter we see the epic conclusion to the race between Capeta and Kaneda! Who will take the pole position Suzuka!

A few changes in this release. Firstly we’re changing to chapters rather than the ‘parts’ we released in. Just makes it easier to track the updates at sites like MangaUpdates.

Secondly, the size of the pages has shrunk in this release compared to previous releases. We found a new set of raws which are much easier to join the double pages, so we’ve swapped to using them for now. Hopefully doesn’t impact people too much, but makes the cleaning a huge amount simpler.

Enjoy the chapter all!

Capeta v26 c96: DDL | Read Online

New Release New Site

Hi all,
We’ve got a brand new release of Capeta today for you all, as well as a new site. Well, an old site to be precise. We used this site briefly a long time ago when we were busy trying to recover our site and domain after they expired. We’ve decided to go back to it, as there’s not much point paying for web hosting that we aren’t using. So we’ve given her a new lick of paint, a few touch ups here and there, but basically the same old wordpress site.

Some of the images haven’t managed to come across in the migration unfortunately, so a lot of old posts are likely to be missing their feature image. Other than that, it’s hopefully smooth sailing! Make sure you stop by our discord if you haven’t already!

Capeta v9 p4: DDL | Read Online
Capeta v9 DDL

Capeta v24 part2

Capeta is back! This chapter took so long this time just because the stars didn’t align properly.  It’s the bane of every scanlator with a job, “Real Life”. But hopefully things won’t continue like this, now that we have new people working on it, KamiZer0 for cleans and Yume7 for typesetting. someone2040 was supposed to do the honors, but he’s on vacation, so I had to step in. Hope you enjoy the chapter. See you next time.

Capeta v24 part2: DDL | Read Online