New Release New Site

Hi all,
We’ve got a brand new release of Capeta today for you all, as well as a new site. Well, an old site to be precise. We used this site briefly a long time ago when we were busy trying to recover our site and domain after they expired. We’ve decided to go back to it, as there’s not much point paying for web hosting that we aren’t using. So we’ve given her a new lick of paint, a few touch ups here and there, but basically the same old wordpress site.

Some of the images haven’t managed to come across in the migration unfortunately, so a lot of old posts are likely to be missing their feature image. Other than that, it’s hopefully smooth sailing! Make sure you stop by our discord if you haven’t already!

Capeta v9 p4: DDL | Read Online
Capeta v9 DDL

Shibatora Fixes

Hi all,
A bit of a blast from the past today. A while ago now, DigitMX on our discord pointed out a few missing pages from early chapters of Shibatora. So we’ve gone ahead and re-released these chapters for you all with some appropriate fixes. You can download them individually below, or get updated volumes also. We’ve also updated them on mangadex, so if that’s your online reader of choice, you’ll now have the proper versions of those chapters.

Shibatora v3 c21: DDL | Read Online
Shibatora v3: DDL
Shibatora v4 c23: DDL | Read Online
Shibatora v4 c26: DDL | Read Online
Shibatora v4: DDL

KSM 61-63 (Finish)

Hi guys,
Today truly is our last day of Karate. Not only are we re-releasing chapters 61 and 62, which many of you will have read earlier when we finished Karate Shoukoushi Minoru, but we have also the final chapter to conclude the story of Karate Shoukoushi Monogatari. Hope you all enjoyed this series, and enjoy the conclusion. Make sure you check out the Karate Chronicle right at the end.

KSM 61: DDL | Read Online
KSM 62: DDL | Read Online
KSM 63: DDL | Read Online