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Capeta v25 p2

Hey racing fans,

Just like the last time I posted a latter (current now?) chapter of Capeta, it’s been a while. In fact, that’s the story of this chapter. Sometimes for critical pieces of our process, it takes a while for them to get to things. But however slowly things happen, they do happen eventually, so enjoy this chapter of Capeta!

Capeta v25 p1: DDL | Read Online

Capeta v10 p4 – A gap bridged

Hey everyone,

The day is finally here. The last chapter of the Capeta gap has finally been bridged. That means no longer do you need to watch the anime to find out what occurred prior to v11, instead you can read the manga straight from the first volume, all the way to where we’re up to today!

A huge thanks to cmertb for his translations of the gap chapters. Honestly, he smashed through volumes 9 and 10 of the gap over a year ago now, and it’s us others who have been slowly catching up. Without him, I honestly think it unlikely that we would’ve been able to finish the gap chapters. Be sure to thank him for this continued hard efforts!

Also, to celebrate the finish of the gap, post your favourite moment from v1 up until v10 of Capeta in the comments below!

Capeta v10 p4: DDL | Read Online
Capeta v10: DDL