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Capeta v26 c96

Hey all,

In today’s chapter we see the epic conclusion to the race between Capeta and Kaneda! Who will take the pole position Suzuka!

A few changes in this release. Firstly we’re changing to chapters rather than the ‘parts’ we released in. Just makes it easier to track the updates at sites like MangaUpdates.

Secondly, the size of the pages has shrunk in this release compared to previous releases. We found a new set of raws which are much easier to join the double pages, so we’ve swapped to using them for now. Hopefully doesn’t impact people too much, but makes the cleaning a huge amount simpler.

Enjoy the chapter all!

Capeta v26 c96: DDL | Read Online

Montage 5 (+ Montage 4 v2) and Himizu 35

No karate this week due to organizational issues. But I expect that we’ll be up and running at our usual breakneck pace starting next week. On a related subject, our old site seems to be recovering… there are no signs of any viruses left on it after various updates. We’ll give it a few more days, then try to get it re-reviewed by google to see if we can finally get off their shit list. Hopefully, next week’s release will be on the normal site.

As I mentioned was our plan, we’re trying to speed up Montage in order to at least keep up with Japanese release pace, so you get another chapter this week. It’s all about Gunkanjima and a dark foreshadowing of trouble to come. Also, our previous release of chapter 4 was missing an important page, so we are releasing version 2 of that chapter.

Then there’s also Himizu.
crazy_horse: Yes, Himizu. I have some bad news for those who still follow the series: the release pace has been very much slowed down and it will continue to be. I apologize for this, but know that the series will be finished, if I have to lose my arms in the process.

Get your chapters here:
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KSKM 225 and Montage 4

Here’s our overdue release.

We usually link to the forum, but our forum is also on the google shit list, so most browsers won’t let you go there. Thus, I’m providing the DL links here. Also, no IRC dl for now because a) I forgot how to do it; b) I think we changed the bot since I did it last, so I might not even have access. Either DL here or read online.

(If you’re really curious, the forum is safe so you can ignore the warning, the viruses are in the blog code somewhere).

Anyway, today we have the next chapter of Karate, in which Ibuki delivers a surprise, and another chapter of Montage, whose release pace I hope we can speed up at some point in the future. Volume 13 and the start of a new arc will be out in November. Personally, I can’t wait.

Oh, and here’s an interesting video to accompany the current chapter of Montage:

(I don’t know why the song has to be in French rather than Japanese, but it’s not my video.)

Here are the links:
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